Unmounted Biomechanics Clinics

Riders can learn 55% more information when dismounted! Instead of their 'brain space' being taken up by what is going on with the horse, they can focus on more detail and then take it away to practice on the horse in there own time.

These clinics are fun and informal. With limited numbers permitted for each class, all particapants gain individual attention. Come along without your horse and increase your awareness and knowledge of how the top riders ride. Take away new ideas to try when you next ride.

During the two hour session, we work on exercises that you can practice both on and off your horse, enabling you a greater body awareness, helping your fitness and muscle tone in the areas needed for riding, when appropriate we also focus on mental fitness. All this allows you ride to a higher level.

• Learn the fundamentals of how the rider’s body can profoundly influence the horse.
• Gain more core stability. 
• Become more balanced and secure when riding your horse. 
• Increase your confidence.
• Focus on yourself without having to worry about your horse.
• Develop a greater understanding of the interaction of rider and horse when riding and training your horse.
• Take away exercises to try when riding your horse. 
• Learn some dismounted exercises to help improve your biomechanics, confidence and skill level.

Wednesday 23rd May 2018.

Very few of us are totally symmetrical, however the harder we work to becoming near to this, the clearer our cues to the horse can be and the easier it is for the horse to carry us with more balance and grace.
These two clinics are both useful; Awareness and Balance helps you to work out what you need to do to gain more symmetry.

The Power and Balance Clinic helps you to increase strength in the weaker areas of your body to help you become straighter.
Being closer to symmetry can help keep both you and your horse sounder for longer!
Feedback from previous clinics;
"Just wanted to add a word about the dismounted workshops. Have attended two of these so far and they have been an excellent refresher and helped me to recognise and address some of my asymetries and habits in a supportive and friendly enviornment- with the added benefit of being in the warm and dry!" MF
Thank you very much for last night which I thoroughly enjoyed.
Your effect was immediate as I drove home in much greater comfort than I arrived!
Thank you for such a clearly delivered and well structured lesson. BI
"Many thanks for the Asymmetry workshop - it was really interesting to get such an in-depth analysis of my position and asymmetry. Quite an eye opener! I have already begun to put some of the learning into practice and I am sure Duke is feeling the benefit. Many thanks for turning such an intricate subject into such a fun evening." Suzy

Lateral Work
Monday 18th June 2018

This workshop can help to improve your horses way of going sideways, by focusing on the details that are easier to cover in a dismounted workshop than a riding lesson.

Develop a deeper understanding of lateral work. Learn some off horse exercises to help you and your horse move sideways whether you are just starting lateral movements or want to improve your dressage marks in the more advanced tests.

Thank you so much for last evening's Lateral Work clinic. I learned so much my mind was whizzing with it all. I am so looking forward to putting it into practice.

Jumping Biomechanics.
Tuesday 10th July 2018

Learn more about the theory behind a good jumping position. Take part in some off horse
to help you establish a more secure and flexible position for both show jumping and cross country.
Learn tactics to help you get to the fence on a good stride, with better balance.

Feedback from previous clinics;
Thank you for a great evening. The dismounted workshop really helped me piece togetherthe elements of jumping. Not being the most confident jumper it was great to be able to focus on and re-adjust my position without the fear factor of a fence! It was fascinating to see and feel the effects that specific muscles can have on your jumping position and learning how to trigger these muscles will help me re-create that secure feeling over a fence. The resistance bands were a great way of demonstrating the forces that we will experience before, during and after a fence. LD

Focus and Confidence

At some point in our riding lives we all need to boost our confidence; whether you are looking for the courage to compete at the next level, to canter your horse for the first time, hack out or any other way that you wish to build your confidence.
Horses are very good at picking up on our nervousness! This can often make them unsettled and effect their performance.

Find out how to get closer to your dreams.
Enjoy a horseless workshop using techniques that will help you to feel more confidence to go to the next level, allowing you to feel more secure when riding and competing.

Feedback from previous Clinics;

Hi Karen. I attended your building confidence dismounted clinic a few weeks ago and just wanted to let you know it's transformed me! I've hacked out on the road and the mendips, schooled on my own jumping a small course and today have had a lesson where I wanted to jump the fillers. Have gone from nervously jumping 2ft fences to jumping a course of 2ft 6 fences. Am feeling so positive and am looking forward to a great spring and summer.
Thankyou. Thankyou. Thankyou.
Hi Karen
Just wanted to thank you for a really enjoyable and information packed evening lastnight.I was a little unsure of what I would get out of the evening but wanted to give it a go, I was amazed!
Haven't been able to stop talking about it, can't wait to try things and start the lists!
Really valuable things to try an can't wait till the session.
Thanks again for the evening and your hospitality (the cake was amazing!). LA
Morning Karen. Just to say last night was really helpful & enjoyable so many thanks! I made some new friends too which is fab. Look forward to the next workshop. :-) x

An Independent Seat

You may well have been told to ‘sit deep’. Understand the meaning of this and learn some unmounted exercises that can help develop a more Independent seat, improve your core stability and confidence. Allowing you to sit better in sitting trot and canter.
In turn this will help your confidence and enable you to be a more powerful rider.
Feedback from previous Workshops;
"Thank you so much for the evening and the follow up notes/photo. I really enjoyed the evening and it gave me a lot to think about." Maggie.
It was fun but it was so useful too! So much easier to learn when you're not on a horse! Can't wait to try out my what I learned tonight! Thank you Karen! Great clinic with lovely people! FB

Softness and Contact

Does your horse get strong in the hand when you are riding?
Would you like to feel that you could stop your horse using less pressure with your hands?

Enjoy a fun and interactive evening and learn some off horse exercises that you can take away to help you and your horse to build a great partnership and better brakes!

Feedback from previous Workshops;
"Your dismounted clinic the other evening has proved very helpful. Many thanks." BC

Training the horse.

Whether you have a young horse or a school master, whenever you are with your horse you are training him/her.
Enjoy an interactive workshop to improve your confidence, intentions, positive attitude and understanding of the principles of training horses young and old.
Feedback from previous workshops;
"Thanks for a very entertaining and informative clinic Karen, really helped me consolidate what you have been teaching me in our lessons." AF

Stability in the Saddle.

During this workshop we will look at your balance and line up in the saddle. You will learn some dismounted exercises that can be used in your every day life to help strengthen your core so that you become more secure in the saddle, allowing you to feel more confident when riding and have more precision with your leg and hand cues.

Good core stability can help maximise your performance, prevent injury, build
confidence, increase power, help coordination and stabilise your body making riding easier and your cues clearer to the horse. This can also help you when handling the horse from the ground.

All Clinics will be held at; Christon, nr. Axbridge, Somerset.
Each course will start at 7pm and run for approximately 2 hours.
Numbers will be limited to allow everyone to participate fully.

£20 per clinic. Early booking is advised.
Contact Karen for more details.