Dressage Clinic. Rider Biomechanics

Learn how making subtle changes in your body can improve the horses way of going.

*Improve your core strength.
*Sit better to your horses sitting trot and canter.
*Help the horse to lighten his/her forehand.
*Gain more lift through the back and roundness.
*Feel more secure and confident.
*Improve your asymmetry.

This clinic is for all levels of riders from beginners to Olympic level, we all need eyes on the ground to improve and enhance our biomechanics when riding. This helps the horse carry us with more ease and increases the horses performance.

This course complements the Unmounted Workshops, http://www.karenwhiston.co.uk/dismounted-biomechanics-autumn-workshops. Although it is not necessary to attend the above Unmounted Clinics, we do recommend them also for helping your riding biomechanics.

The cost for this clinic is £28 per horse. Numbers are limited so early booking is recommended.