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See below for information on our clinics. If you would like more details about booking a clinic or a lesson, please contact us or go to the Tuition Page.

Unmounted Biomechanics Clinics
These clinics are fun and informal. With limited numbers permitted, for each class all participants gain individual attention. Come along without your horse and increase your awareness and knowledge of how the top riders ride. Take away new ideas to try when you next ride.
During the two hour session, we work on exercises that you can practice both on and off your horse, enabling you a greater body awareness, helping your fitness and muscle tone in the areas needed for riding, when appropriate we also focus on mental fitness. All this allows you ride to a higher level.

Wednesday 23rd May 2018. Asymmetry.
Monday 18th June 2018. Lateral Work.
Tuesday 10th July 2018. Jumping Biomechanics.

For more details on these and more dismounted clinics click on the link above or contact Karen.
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Dressage Clinic. In Hand/Ridden Schooling.
Are you wanting to take your horse out to a competition but not sure how he or she will behave?

Would you like to learn some useful in hand schooling techniques that you could take into your ridden work?

When working in at a competition, Are you stuck if lunging is not allowed?

Learn some useful training methods to improve your horses asymmetry and muscle balance.

Do you have trouble mounting?

Are you wanting your lateral work to improve?

Does your horse get strong when ridden?

This may be just what you need to improve your partnership.
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Dressage Clinic. Rider Biomechanics
Dressage Clinic. Rider Biomechanics

More dates available soon.

Learn how making subtle changes in your body can improve the horses way of going.

*Improve your core strength.
*Sit better to your horses sitting trot and canter.
*Help the horse to lighten his/her forehand.
*Gain more lift through the back and roundness.
*Feel more secure and confident.
*Improve your asymmetry.
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Pole and Jumping Clinic
Pole and Jumping Clinic

More dates to be arranged soon. Please contact Karen for details.

To be held at Badgworth Arena.

Using Poles and small jumps to improve both horse and riders core strength and balance.

Do you want to improve your horses paces for jumping or dressage?

Does your canter need more power?

Would you like to improve your horses stretch, lift through the the back and engagement of hind legs?

Does your horse need more focus?

Are you wanting to find confidence to go to the next level in you and your horses training?

We will focus on improving your core strength, Balance and Security to enhance your horses way of going.

Whether your goals are in jumping or dressage, this clinic will help you and your horse get closer to your dreams.
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Jumping Clinic
Jumping Clinic with Focus on Rider Biomechanics to Improve the Overall Performance of horse and rider.

More dates to be arranged soon. Please contact Karen for details.

Do you want to improve your jumping position and your horses’ technique for show jumping and cross country?

Are you lacking confidence to go to the next level with your jumping?

Would you like to improve your core stability when jumping?

Click on the link for more details;
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New Luxury Facilities

Our schooling and teaching facilities include;
*A 50m x 25m silica sand and rubber working arena.
*Arena mirrors to help training of both rider and horse.
*Good quality schooling jumps for both show jumping and arena cross country training.
*A smaller 20m x 20m all weather turnout paddock, useful for In hand training.
*Good parking and turning for boxes and trailers allowing ease and comfort.
*Heated training room for stable management training and dismounted Workshops.
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Schooling with Poles.

*Would you like new exercises and ideas to make schooling the horse on the flat more interesting?
*Does your dressage horse need some variety in his training?
*Is your eventer struggling with skinny fences or angled rails?
*Does your Show Jumper need to improve his turns or canter quality?
*Do you want to introduce your young horse to poles?
*Does your horse struggle to keep focused when schooling on the flat?
*Is your horse worried about poles and jumps?
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Horse Magazine Article no 5. Jumping Made Easy.
This is the final article in the series published by Horse Magazine.
In this article Olivia Robertson work through some exercises to help improve their jumping.

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Horse Magazine Article no 4. Winning Confidence
This article covers tips on dealing with competition nerves, something that most competitors will experience to a greater or lesser degree.
I must give a massive thank you to Ffiona Brace for helping this time.

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Horse Magazine Article no 3. Jump for Joy.
In this article I give Carole Negus a first jumping lesson. Many thanks to Carole and Molly for looking great for the photos.

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Horse Magazine Article no 2. Perfect Posture.
In the second article, horse magazine feature Olivia Robertson riding her lovely big bay Billy Elliott.
We explain the essential basics to develop a good riding position, with balance and stability.

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Horse Magazine Article no 1. Ground Control
Horse Magazine have very kindly allowed me to upload the series of articles that we produced last October.

In this first article I am showing some ideas for schooling horses In Hand. We found it very tricky to summarise this for one article, I think we could have written a book just on this first article!
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Building confidence
Riding horses is not a sport for the weak hearted, however we all have had feelings of anxiety at some point and if you are feeling fearful about a certain situation when you are with your horse, you are not alone.....

.....Horses are happier when we are confident and have clear focus and intentions allowing them to understand what action is required, however they will see through our brave facade if it is incongruent....
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In Hand Clinic.
Do you have a horse, young or old, that you would like to take to a show but you are not sure how he will react in the big wide world?
Does your horse get excited in company?
Does your horse have a behavioral challenge that we may be able to help?
Would you like to improve his manners?
Is your horse very spooky?

This may be just what you need.
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Coaching in Bahrain
During April, I had the pleasure of spending a week coaching in Bahrain. I met some lovely people and horses....
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Schooling out of the arena. Straightness.
Due to having no schooling arena at home, I do a lot of the schooling of my horse, Charlie, on roads and tracks. Recently, I have been working on his straightness;

Encouraging your horse to stay straight means that he is going to be more balanced, this will enable you to gain more marks in the dressage arena and help him jump more successfully.
If your horse is continuously crooked, it is going to cause more wear and tear on his body. Helping him/her to work straight under saddle, should enable him stay sounder for longer.

When traffic is passing, the main priority is to be able to keep the horse to the side of the road and safe from the traffic. Being in control of your horses straightness can help this.
If you are lucky enough to ride on traffic free roads and tracks, this is the time to notice how straight your horse is through his neck, shoulders and back, as being aware of this is the first step to improving things.......
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Rider Biomechanics and In Hand Lecture/Demo's
I am always pleased to present a lecture/demo or a talk for your Riding Club or Equestrian Centre. Either on Rider Biomechanics, Training from the ground, Alternatives to Lunging or another subject that suits your requirements.

For more details please click on the link or contact me.
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Filling in the blanks!
For a horse, training can be a guessing game; if he does the right thing, he gets a reward, which may be a release of a certain pressure, a rest, a scratch on the withers, a food treat or anything else that the individual horse will enjoy. As the horse becomes more established understanding different cues from the rider/handler things become easier, however he still needs us to keep our intensions clear so that he knows what is required of him. Failing this the horse may well have to guess a way of filling in the blanks..........

I recently taught a jumping lesson where the lady that I was teaching was doing very well, until the landing side of the fence, where the horse was shooting off, with the rider totally out of control....
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Lunging straight on circles!
Lunging straight on circles!

When lunging does your horse stay on a true circle?
Does he fall in or out?
Does he lean on the lunge line or drop the contact?
Do you find the circle moves around the arena or towards the gate?
Are you finding lunging your horse productive?

When working the horse on the lunge, the majority of the time they are expected to work on a circle. It is very easy for the horse to look to the outside and fall in on his stiffer rein, or on their more supple rein to bend too much at the base of the neck, causing the horse to fall out of the circle line through his shoulders and often leaning on the contact of the lunge line. Some horses may lean towards the exit, falling out as they reach the gate and falling in on the opposite side of the circle. What is this teaching the horse? How can we encourage more suppleness?
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Schooling out of the Arena.
Is your arena very wet? Here are some alternatives ideas to schooling your horse in the arena. Helping you and your horse to build strength, fitness, straightness, suppleness and keeping your horse fresh.

Hacking can also very good time to be focusing on your position in the saddle, improving....
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