In Hand Clinic.

The previous clinics have been a big success; we had horses of all ages and sizes. It is a real pleasure to help all the participants. 

Joining us  in the past have been several young horses venturing out of their yard for the first time, including a young Exmoor stallion, all aiming to gain confidence and learn how to cope in a social environment. During the sessions we work on exercises to control the speed and direction of the horse’s feet, building confidence  in horse and handler.

The owners with older horses have had various goals for the evenings including; improving manners, learning exercises to increase suppleness, coping with spooky objects and  poles on the ground or just learning to ‘chill’ in company. 
Several participants started the session anxious but very soon settled allowing both horses and handlers to take away new ideas and skills to work with at home. 

The clinic aims to; 

1. Teach the handler some valuable skills helping him/her to keep control of the horse in a safe and ethical way. 
2. Help the handler to learn to read the horse and react in a way that defuses a potential problem.
3. Desensitize the horse to various spooky obstacles that they may meet in the big wide world.
4. Demonstrate some slow controlled exercises which help with suppleness and build the horses muscles in a balanced way.
5. Build more trust, confidence and a stronger partnership in horse and handler.
6. Help in the preparation for ridden competitions, showing in hand or performance grading.
7. Assist each partnership individually with their requirements.
8. Allow the horses and handlers to have a very positive experience during the one hour session.

Feed back from previous clinics;
"Thank you so much for organising the in-hand clinic – it was such an ideal first outing for Bo, even though his eyes were out on stalks at times! We had plenty of time to play with things on our own in a very non-pressured environment, knowing too that you were on hand to help which was a great reassurance that not only my own horse was doing ok but equally importantly that we were safe and that you would take care of the safety of the other horses allowing me to concentrate on what we were doing. A good fun evening – do let me know when the next one is please!"  DS.

"Thanks for Mondays 'In Hand Clinic', we had a great time, we ticked so many boxes in one night" MG.

The In Hand Clinic will be one hour sessions with no more than four horses in each session. I encourage participants to come equipped with Hat, gloves and sensible footwear. The horse to come in either a bridle, head collar, Dually halter or whatever you feel comfy to handle your horse in.

The cost is £25 per horse, payment at time of booking. £5 for spectators to view the whole clinic, if they so wish, payable on the day, however each participant can bring one spectator free of charge.  

If you wish to attend, early booking is recommended, please down load a Rider Registration Form which can be found on the tuition page of my website; Link here;
Send the filled in form and payment for the clinic, to me letting me know your preferential time, I will then be pleased to reserve a place for you if there is availability.