Rider Biomechanics and In Hand Lecture/Demo's

I am always pleased to present a lecture/demo or a talk for your Riding Club or Equestrian Centre. Either on Rider Biomechanics, Training from the ground, Alternatives to Lunging or another subject that suits your requirements.
Here are some examples;

Biomechanics lecture/demo

Looking at both dressage and jumping biomechanics, my aim is to give you a clearer idea of what the top level Olympic riders are doing when they are performing. Most of these top level riders will have eyes on the ground regularly checking that their riding position is as good as it can be to allow the horse to perform to their best ability.

Riding is such a unique sport and the biomechanics vary so much from other sports, we are using very unique muscle chains. We also have to consider the fact that we are sitting on another living being with independent reactions and they are so good at rewarding us when we have it right!

I have been studying rider biomechanics for a number of years now, helping riders of many different levels, I am still amazed at the changes that can be made to the horses way of going when the rider makes subtle changes to their body. The more we can organise our bodies by using the right muscle tone within the core to stabilise our trunk, the more control we have over our legs and hands helping us to use our body in a precise way therefore allowing the horse to receive clearer cues to go forwards, backwards, sideways or stop.

This evening will include watching riders perform as well participating in some dismounted exercises.

Training the horse from the ground/Alternatives to lunging

This lecture/demo is for anyone wanting ideas to improve their horses performance from the ground. Whether your horse is a competition horse, a youngster or a leisure horse. If you want to improve his/her performance for dressage, jumping or trec, enhance your horses manners, ideas to train your pre-backed youngster or challenging horse, or you are just be looking for new ideas.

I can be very flexible with this demo depending on the needs of the participants. As with the biomechanics demo, this evening will include watching horses perform as well participating in some dismounted exercises.

Both evenings are interesting and fun.

Feedback from previous evenings;

Really enjoyed your talk last night at the Conquest Centre. Many thanks, now got to put what I can remember to practice! NS

Thank you so much for Lecture/Demo at Henbury, everyone seemed to enjoy it and I have received good feedback. Personally I found it quite inspiring and really interesting. Been trying out bits this morning on my hack.
Thanks again for a wonderful evening and hope to see you again soon.

Brilliant demo thank you. lots of food for thought & well done volunteer riders. AP via Facebook