Schooling with Poles.

Dressage Schooling with Floor Poles.

Just like us humans, horses learn through visual stimuli, poles can be used to help the horse to understand where you require him to go, it also gives the rider more focus, which can help with more precision and accuracy when riding dressage movements or jumping fences. With repetition transitions, suppleness, strength and clarity can improve.

If your horse falls in or out when working in an arena, we have simple pole exercises that can help a horse to understand how to work around corners and turns, with the correct balance whilst being ridden, also how and when to work in a straight line.

Other exercises can help the horse to know where his feet are, they can encourage him to work various muscle chains through his body in a very positive way, encouraging stretch and lift through the back, allowing the hind legs to work in a more active way.
Poles can improve regularity of the rhythm in all paces and lift, or spring, in trot and canter. They can allow the horse to understand the cues for medium and extended paces and improve the quality of the pace.

If your horse is worried about jumping or rushes fences, often caused by anxiety, working with specific pole exercises can build the horses confidence and help the horse learn to stay calmer and become more balanced when jumping.

Pole work is a great way to introduce young horses to jumping, if they are confident about poles on the ground they are more likely to be willing and understand what to do when you ask them to jump. They can be used to introduce more technical jumping exercises for example angled rails and allow more practice for the rider without the worry that you may be over jumping your horse.

Poles are great for the rider too; it encourages them to focus on where they are going, to be clear with their intentions, teaches accuracy, as well as allowing variety, structure and interest to everyday schooling.

Schooling with poles has so many benefits, but above all it brings focus and enjoyment to a schooling session for both horse and rider.


Please contact Karen for dates of next clinic.

The clinics are suitable for all levels young and old, novice or experienced, whatever your level may be, using poles on the ground can help to improve confidence, straightness, suppleness, power, focus, accuracy, response to cues during transitions and turns.

Each session will last one hour, numbers will be limited to a maximum of 2-3 horses per group at Christon and 4 when held at Badgworth Arena for the hour.

During the clinic we work on a variety of exercises working over, around and through poles on the ground, aiding each individual horse and rider’s needs, Whatever their current level may be, this course will greatly enhance both the horse and riders confidence, suppleness, power and precision.

£28 per horse. Early booking recommended. Spectators £5

To reserve your place download a booking form;
Please send the completed form and your payment to Karen at the address on the form.

Feedback from previous clinics

"I just wanted to thank you for being so patient with Taboo and me last night. We both got a lot out of the lesson and I was very pleased at how she coped with it all.
I look forward to attending more of your sessions in the future." RD

"Thank you so much for last nights pole clinic. I feel that each month you give me new skills to build on the previous month. I feel that Stu and myself are both gaining more confidence and a better partnership and this is due to the support you give us." PP